Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Music Video And Genre

Girl Bands 

The narrative of some girl bands are going out and having fun as friends. Destiny Child and Little Mix followed this by filming the video in a room, whilst Spice Girls were going out and causing chaos. 

The theme to some girl band songs tend to be about 

The locations of some girl bands are either in rooms or outside. It depends on the type of song for example ballads were outside, whilst up beat songs were filmed in a room or a club set up.

Destiny’s Child and Spice Girls were seen more for male gaze with what they wore in some of the videos, while Little Mix on the other hand are more for the younger generation and don’t wear provocative clothes.

·         Girl bands tend to have their own personal style in what they wear but not too much of a difference to show that their a group. The costumes also depend on the type of song as well. For example, if they are singing a ballad they tend to wear dresses, whilst rock song tends to have a rocky look.

Girl bands tend to use props that are related to the music video and also the genre style of the song. A living room or bedroom set up is tended to be used  a lot in girl bands music videos but also outdoor set up are used with a wide range of props. 

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