Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Andrew Goodwin Analysis Of A Music Video - Rizzle Kicks Lost Generation

"There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals.
 The lyrics are represented with images"

There is a direct link between the words of the song and the actions in the video.

Introduces new meaning, images, actions that do not conflict with the lyrics but that
add or reinforce layers of meaning.

There is no direct relationship between the lyrics of the song and the events of the video


Rizzle Kicks new song "Lost Generation" The music video represents youth and also 
things that influences things around us.. An example of this in the music video is technology.

The song is not always linked to what is going on in the video all the time, but there are 
moments when it is directly linked to the video. Also when the chorus says "I'm living in
a lost generation" the video shows young people just walking around on their phones.

Some scenes in the video it does bring out different meanings which you start to realize as
 the video progresses. The one message the video tends to bring up a lot is about TV and
 how it effects people at times and also how camera's tend to follow people that are 
famous and film everything they do.    

I don't think that there are many disjunctive scenes in this music video, they all seem to
flow and go with the lyrics. Every clip in the video seems to be able to relate to something 
to do with youth. You could say at the start of the video when one of the singers is making 
toast that it has no direct link to the lyrics.

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