Sunday, 29 September 2013


Is Creativity A Skill?
If it is a skill..
  • We can develop it.
  • Although some people may be more skilled then others, we all have the potential to have it.
  • We can learn how to be creative.
Does knowledge of culture/art, help us be more creative?
- I think that having this knowledge would help being more creative because these would help inspire you to create something, and these ideas would make it more
easier for you to come up with a design.
Does a knowledge of creative "tools" help us be more creative?
- Yes because if you have more knowledge of creative tools then they can help whatever you are thinking happen, for example Photoshop can make a picture look better and more creative and this can help us be more creative. The more you know about tools the more better and creative your work will be.
Does media technology inhibit creativity? Are we more "free" without media technology?
- Media technology I think helps with creativity because of all the tools you can use to produce something. I think we are free with media technology and it can help us explore and learn more from it but sometimes we can be just as free without it as well at times.
How creative are media producers?
- Media producers I think are quite creative because they have to come up with a whole concept of something and make it work. They come up with some really interesting ideas in which nobody else has thought of before and make it work. They can make music videos seem really different by the use of technology.

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