Sunday, 29 September 2013

Genre and Auteur Theory

Genre Theory focuses on..
  • Generic similarities.
  • How texts are determined by historical/social/political contexts.
  • How texts emerge as commercial products from any industry.
Auteur Theory focuses on..
  • Invidual stylistic features.
  • How texts are determined by artists' creativity.
  • How texts emerge as part of an artists body of work.
Music Video and Auteurs:
 Spike Jonez -

Most of Spike Jonez music videos shows the funny side of things, this video is an example of this because he hired some professional dancers and asked them to come up with the worst dance ever, and look like they were no good in which they did. He uses lower production value so he can do more with the video and it also gives off a grainy and amateurish look.

 Michel Gondry -

Michel Gondry music videos tend to use what look like vintage camera and also tends to repeats the visual images of the video. This video looks like it has been inspired from a generation of other music videos and has an interesting look about them all. The videos that Gondry had produced tend to use fixed camera, clever techniques and long takes as well. The video experiments a lot too and tries to create and interesting and something new look.

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