Sunday, 29 September 2013

Andrew Goodwin - The Relationship Between Music and Visuals

"There is a relationship between the music and visuals. The tone and 
atmosphere reflects that of the music."

This tends to focus on Cinematography, Misc En Scene, Editing and Sound.

This video shows examples of the relationship between the music and the visuals. The way the two members are showing how youth is today and how everything is revolved around things to do with technology. The editing in this music video is fast as it flicks between the two singers in different rooms of the house. Also at the start the slow down time as the first member jumps onto the sofa but then goes back to normal soon after. The lighting of the video changes through out, at the start when they are singing about the TV programs  they use a lot of studio lighting to represent this, and also when they are in the "Big Brother" chair there is a low key lighting used, from them on it seems that they use natural lighting. 

The misc en scene of this video changes throughout as they film different locations of the video. For example, when they film the lounge scene they have the obvious set up of the sofa, TV and other items that you would see in the lounge. But they also create the set to look like there on Big Brother so they have the dark room with the big chair in it, and then on the Jeremy Kyle set they have the sofa's, camera crew and the background of how the set looks like.  

All in all this music does have an relationship with the visuals and this is shown throughout the whole music video with everything relating to each other.

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