Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Busted Video


For the last couple of weeks we have been re-creating the music video "Busted What I go to school for." Before we started this we had a go and lip sync us singing to another video to prepare us for this by lip syncing to "Bon Jovi Livin' on a prayer." This gave us some of experience of editing the video and making sure the lip syncing works with the audio as well. Our main task though was to re-create the 1 minute and 10 seconds of the video as accurately as we could and then editing all the clips into one video and making it run smoothly and have it all in time with each other. 

Research and Planning: 
Research and planning was one of the most important things because it makes the video easier to shoot if you are more organized and now what your doing. The most useful out of all the planning tasks was the storyboard because we had all the different types of shots so we could follow them and also tick off what shots we had filmed so we didn't get lose track of the shots we had done. The planning that should have been done more would have been the timing because we didn't really organise which shots were being on a certain day, we kind of just did shots from the location we were filming from. During A2 the types of planning we are expected to do is - 

  • Health & safety risk assessment. 
  • Props, costumes and location
  • Schedule
  • Shooting script
  • Casting
This is some of the planning I think that we will do so then we are all organized for filming our music video.

Production: Digital Technology:
My knowledge of Digital Technology did improve. By editing the video in Adobe Premiership Pro because I wasn't sure how to use it at first but then when I got used to put the clips in and cutting them down to what I needed I started to get used to it. The only problem was trying to make sure that the video audio went with the clip to create the lip synced look. I learnt during this production task was the Adobe Premiership Pro was the item that I learnt the most in this production. For A2 I need all the skills of using Adobe Premiership Pro, camera and editing. All this will help me create a music video.

From this production task I learnt that there are going to be a lot of stops and re-takes of clips to get the one clip which is good enough to use. Also the planning does help a lot to make sure that all the video runs smoothly. I think the shoot did go well and we managed to get all the clips needed so we had plenty of time to edit it all. We managed to plan the shots and did all the ones we needed to do in the locations we were in and this helped us save a couple of days. I don't think anything went wrong, we did miss a few shots however but I don't think that was enough to say it went wrong. I think if we do this again is to make sure that we don't miss any important shots and that we use all the planning to help us film the video. 

Post production: Digital Technology: 
I think the editing did go well, there was a few times when some of the clips weren't lip synced and didn't go right with the audio. I think what would have helped edit more effectively if the cast did sing at the same time as the song, this would have been easier and you could easily match all the clips up. The tools I used the most when editing was the cutting tool because this helped me cut out the bits of the clips I didn't want to use, also this helped me make everything go together. Also being able to zoom into the clips could help me cut more accurately and get everything together. Also the slow motion tool did help speed up or slow down some parts of the video which I found useful.

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