Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Locations - Photoshoot

I have planned where I want the pictures for my CD and magazine advert.

    • Woods - I am taking pictures in the a wood by me and I have permission from the farmers to use it. I want to relate the music video and also the digipak to each other.
    • Lake - I want to take some pictures by the lake too. I did a test by the lake to give me some inspiration on how I wanted the model to look and how the shot should be taken. 

    • Against A Wall - I want a brick wall background to create a different feel from the rest of the other pictures. 

I want my pictures to have a element of fun to them but also in some of the pictures I want to have the people with just the white faces lurking in the background of the image  

Here I have marked out the area's in which I want to take my pictures at.

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