Friday, 8 November 2013

Analysing Existing Products

CD Covers: 

How are these covers constructing/maintaining a brand image?

How are they likely to appeal to their target audience?

Jake Bugg:

The cd cover is maintaining the brand image with this cover. Jake Bugg seems to keep the same look throughout all of his cd covers, they all have a negative look about them and they are also shot in a empty estate and also on a street. He has the same type of facial expression on most of his album covers which is a bit of a moody and mysterious look. 

This cd cover of Birdy is also maintaining the indie feel to it as well. Birdy has a different look slightly to Jake Bugg's album cover. Birdy looks much more welcoming and kind of draws you to the album the way she has a look of innocence to her. The water colour background could describe what her music is like to listen to that it will calm you. She has also followed that there isn't much going on in the picture its just her simple standing in front of a wall.

Bombay Bicycle Club:

This picture shows the inside and outside of the CD cover. This is the other version of what some indie artists use for their front covers, this uses more creative looks and uses a lot of imagination. This cover would attract the target audience because it stands out with the wide range of colours but also with the two heads which have lots of colour inside of them. I would like to use some of this creative skill and show it in my CD cover to make it stand out from the crowd and attract my target audience.

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