Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Evaluation: Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

For my audience feedback I decided to do a different ways to get a lot of feedback out of the audience. I decided to create a focus group on Facebook, get a group of my target audience to watch the video and then afterwards write down what they liked about the video and also what could have been improved.

In my Facebook focus group I showed my target audience my final Digipak and Magazine Advert and asked them to give me their opinion of what they think and also if anything could have been improved on.

This feedback was for my Cd Digipak and the feedback seems positive. What I have learnt from this is that she likes the different shots that have been used and how I have made all the images different to each other. The one negative that I have learnt from my cd digipak is that I could have added a little more colour to the front. I understand this because if I had added a little bit more colour to the front it would have made the digipak more interesting.

For my Magazine Advert my target audience seemed to like it. I got some good feedback and found that they liked the colour scheme on this because it didn't have many colours that stood out over each other. I tried to keep this advert simple and I think that is what my target audience like about it. 

These are some examples of the feedback that we got back from when the people watched our music video. One person found the video "really entropic" and they "really like the narrative of the video". Another person found the video "very engaging that has a lot of interesting ideas and concepts in it". They really like the idea that we did of using animal masks in the video, they said it was "spooky and cool" and this went well with the music and gave off the right tone. 
Editing of the video I have learnt that the liked the use of effects that we put on such as the fading transition from clip to clip and also creating a ghostly effect around the singer when she moved around. 
However, from looking at my feedback I have seen some criticisms of the music video as well. Most of them said that the lip syncing was of in some parts of the video which I agree with, we could have made sure when we were filming the video that we should have done a couple of takes of the lip syncing scenes. Another feedback was "editing pace sometimes the shots were too long" and also the "cuts could be more on the beat". 

Overall, what I have learnt from feedback from my target audience is that I would say that the video that the pleasures that they got from the texts would be jouissance (intellectual) because they are engaging with the video and keeping with the story. They are more preferred readers because they have responded the way I wanted them to. The feedback that I have got I think has really helped me see what they like and also show me the improvements that I could do if I could do all this again.
I think if I could alter my work I would have made sure that the lip syncing was 100% and also would have made sure the editing went with the music and make the shots shorter because some of them were too long. The 50 shots per minute rule is a good rule to follow, so I should follow that next time. 

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