Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Evaluation: Question 1

In what ways does your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media texts?

Our music video was inspired by the movie "The Wicker Man". This is where we saw the animal masks and thought about incorporating this into our video because the animal masks gave off a creepy look and we thought that this would work well with the music. A music video that inspired us was Bastille's Pompeii, because in the video he is doing a lot of running away from people who have weird eyes. These two ideas basically helped us create our music video. 

Steve Neale says "instances of repetition and difference" this means that the video should have conventions of the genre that it is in so that the audience can recognize so that it attracts attention. Another theory is from Nicholas Abercrombie who says "television producers set out to exploit genre conventions.. It makes sound economic sense. Sets, properties and costumes can be used over and over again. Teams of stars, writers, directors and technicians can be built, giving economies of scale." He is basically saying that if you research into something in detail, it can help you be more organised and help you be more economic. 

My music video uses the typical conventions that you would expect in a music video:
  • Lip syncing
  • Editing - Pace & Montage
  • Illusion - Miming and acting
  • Cinematography
  • Special Effects

By doing audience research I found it easier to come up with idea or get rid of some ideas that they weren't very keen on. By doing audience research it eventually helps you get the idea that you want and helps you create it. Comparing my work to other type of media I can see that I have used the typical conventions of music videos. We decided that we wanted to do a video were the whole song the performer was lip syncing to, we wanted it to differ between the shots. Close ups are used a lot in music videos, Andrew Goodwin's theory says "the demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist," in the type of genre that the song that we chose in, the artist needs a lot of support so this theory will go with the close ups. 

I think our video is more entropic and less redundant because not many music videos have this sort of theme to them, you would expect the Bastille video because of the genre it is in. Our video being in a different genre you wouldn't expect and this would be much more interesting for the audience to watch. 

From looking at research I think following forms and conventions is dangerous because otherwise most music videos will all look the same, instead of them all being different and unique to each other. People will start to lose interest in music videos so no money would be going in to making them. I think it is good when different artists change the conventions and forms and bring something new and fresh to the music world.

CD Digipak & Magazine Article: 
For my ancillary products I think that these have had a good overall effect on the audience. They seemed to really like the colours and the different type of editing. 

I would say in these two I have developed the conventions because not many artists tend to do this type of theme with their cd digipak and also the magazine advert. 

I researched into other artists CD covers and also there magazines and saw a lot of sepia tones, and they also tend to have a lot going on in the cd covers so I decided I didn't want to do that, I wanted to keep this simple as I could. 

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