Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Media Pitch



This is me and Jack's music video pitch, for each of the slides we gave an idea of what our ideas were and what we used.

This shows where we got our inspiration from. We played the song we chose to the group and asked them to draw or write what should happen in the music video. From this we circled ideas that we liked and used them to plan our opening video and also some extra ideas that we think we might add.
Another inspiration for this music video from the film "The Wicker Man".

Mood Board:
Our mood board shows what we want to put in our music video. Some of the pictures represent the autumn/wintery time that we will be filming in. We want fireworks and fire to create a colour and warmth in this video. 

This slide shows where we plan to film parts of our music video. Most of the video will be shot mostly outside. The bedroom we want to create a mostly empty room that doesn't have much in it, the animals will be filmed in the corner of the room, so we feel that this will create a slightly creepy feel to the shot. 

In this video we have shown what we want the people in our video to dress like. We will have one main character which will be a girl and we have planned a simple winter look for her throughout the video. There will be 4 or 5 people dressed in these animal costumes. 

These are the props that we have chosen for our music video. We want the smoke machine to be used so we can have the animals appearing behind the girl. The guitar we will have one person playing it and they will be in random shots that you see throughout the video. The fireworks we want to use in the camp fire scene, they will add a little more colour to the video. 

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