Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Health & Safety - Music Video

  • Because we have decided to have a camp fire scene this is obviously a health and safety risk. To minimise this risk we are making sure that there is a reasonable distance that the cast stay away from the fire. 
  • We will have a adult around at all times to keep and eye and also start the fire for us. 
  • When we have finished with the fire we will make sure that it is put out properly. An adult will do this for us. 
  • Fire extinguishers will be nearby just in case there is a accident that is caused. 
  • To light these fireworks we will have a responsible adult to do this for us.
  • The fireworks will be lit from a distance to that if there is any problems they won't be near anybody.

  • We will have life safety floats, so if anyone falls in we will have something to throw at them and help get them out. 
  • The cast won't be standing near the edge of the lake.

  • To reduce the risk of people tripping on the wires, we will tape the wires to the floor.

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